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Welcome to 🌯WrapFast⚡️

Thank you for purchasing WrapFast! 💚

Following this guided documentation, you’ll be able to setup up an AI Wrapper or any iOS app foundation in minutes.

Let’s launch MVPs at lightning speed! ⚡️

When you get WrapFast, you gain access to two GitHub repositories:

The iOS boilerplate contains an example implementation of a calorie and macronutrient tracker. Therefore, you can discover how’s a real product implementation built with WrapFast.

I think this way it’s easier and funnier to understand how all the components work together. This will speed up your process of learning and creating your own products.

<aside> 💡 Take a look at real products in the App Store made with WrapFast: - WrapFast: ****Calorie Counter - PhotoCaption - crAion



You will need:

Don’t worry! We will go through everything in each section 😉

First things go first, move on to the next section and let’s start Wrapping Fast! 🌯⚡️

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